Hair by Brit

Company Name - Hair by Britt Bridal Service

About Me:

Britt specializes in wedding hairstyling and other special events. She has trained with the Toni and Guy, Loreal, and Wella Academy, and has worked in NY as a stylist for over fifteen years. In that time she has worked in Las Vegas, and Los Angeles, as a platform artist, sharing her knowledge and skills with other stylists.

With a BS in English, and an MFA in writing, Thursday - Sunday, she spends her time gallivanting around the tristate area and on, styling hair for brides and their bridal parties.

Her strengths come from her ability to listen to her client’s interests and opinions when it comes to how they want to wear their hair. Brittany believes it is a joint effort in finding a style that best suits the individual.

Brit Says:

“Each bride of mine is different from the other. And, each bride or client has their own unique look and style. When I meet a new client, it is my job to work with them to find the look they love.”

Britt takes pride in being as organized as possible for the day of the event. In doing so she creates a schedule with appointments and time slots for each person in need of hair services. It’s important for her to leave her clients feeling comfortable and confident so that they can relax and enjoy their big day.

When asked why she styles hair for weddings her response was:
“It’s the thrill I get from using my creativity to make someone feel and look great on such a huge day in their life. Really, it just comes down to all the smiles, and all that positive energy in the air that rubs off onto you.”

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